I am thankful

This is a period in my life that didn’t go as I thought it would.

My focus has changed without my knowing.  I’m not good with change.

But I plan on doing what I have always done.  I’m going to relax, reflect and refocus on what makes me happy.

So…here’s a rough list of what I’m thankful for….

  • a healthy kid– that’s a big one, right? I hope more people out there take the time to kiss their fever less child at night…to pray in thankfulness at the days not waiting on a doctor’s answer.  I have the utmost respect for the moms and dads who have the strength to handle what is given them.  We all have our own burdens, but I am honestly thankful for my child’s good health….health in all matters, physical and mental
  • a wonderful perspective- Because, lets face it..there are times when that is what it is all about.  Have I faced trials and tribulations?? Absolutely..you have too.  But during my making God took the time to bless me with the ability to let it roll of my back.  Bad crap happens, but it doesn’t get me down.  I’m not sure why, I’m not sure how…but I’m thankful for that.
  • people who love me- Where would I be?  There is a huge bubble of folks around me that love me (and my kid) unconditionally.  They are always there, always around, always caring.  Some are related by blood, some are not.  They are amazing and truly a reason to be thankful.
  • my education- Wowzers…I went back to college at an untraditional age, but I am so thankful for the ability to get an education.
  • the basics- a clean, safe house…food on my table…the ability to pay bills…a car that starts every time I drive it…shoes that fit my feet…hobbies that keep my interest…books that friends loan me…meeting new people…our English bulldog…regular trash service…A/C…cheap grocery store flowers…seasonal fruit…a name that is easy to pronounce…friends who listen regardless of the time…Fuzzy’s giggle…my garden…loving parents…a living Grandma…plenty of babysitting options…the smell of my son’s head while he’s sleeping, etc.


Obviously this list is getting out of hand, but I’m happy to be able to write it.

What would be on your list?

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A day in the life of Lula





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Instagram Friday!

I have searched everywhere for this particular brand of preserves since moving to Illinois in 2010. Finally located in a day old bread store!

A beautiful sky greeted me at the end of class last Friday

I’m making bouncy balls for art class. Lots an lots of them!

Fuzz got treated to a new ball glove for the new season

I got some huge berries for Fuzz..hope they were tasty

I had my hair chick add some blue in with my multicolored hair this week. I was afraid I’d look like an Easter egg, but I’m loving it

This salsa is amazing! So fantastic that I ate the tub over just two days :-/ yum!

And finally…this weeks’s Lula picture


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Instagram Friday

One of my besties and I got a pedicure last Friday. My last one was 2008, the day before my foot tattoo. I was long over due


Saturday was St. Patricks’s Day. The party started (and ended) early for us! Absinthe at 10:00 AM…prolly never again!

I have a cute group, don’t I? I’m probably more in love with those striped tights than is healthy, but not brave enough to wear them on a regular day

And this sweet picture of Lula from bath day is sure to cure anything that ails you..particularly a hang over.

And this shot of Fuzz…looking surprisingly grumpy makes me grin. He was able to use a much deserved Dress Down pass to ditch his typical uniform for some Fun Friday clothes.


Hope you have a great weekend…enjoy every minute.
-Fuzzy’s Mom

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Getting Happy

Over the weekend a friend of mine asked me why I was so happy.

geez… I dunno

And I didn’t know at that moment.  I mumbled something stupid and went on my way.  And on my way I got to wondering.  Why on Earth was I so happy?  I do have it good, don’t get me wrong.  Life is great at this time.  I am in a position where most months the bills get paid without a worry, there is a solid, clean(ish) roof over my head, and I have a wonderfully awesome kid.

It ain’t always been this way, though.

And why do some people mope and wear themselves down while others carry on smiling?  Why do bad things happen to some folks and they are unable to recoup while others grin and bear it.

I’m certainly a grin and bear it chick (note: accidentally wrote grin and bare it twice now…hehe)

The thing about being happy is getting happy.

true story.

It’s easy to keep on being happy once you reach it.  The negative vibes others throw your way just go off your back like water on a duck.  It is not so easy to GET happy…but it’s possible.  I promise.

The thing about getting happy is that it is a choice.  Honestly, I swear.  Girl scout honor…although I never was a girl scout.  Honest to goodness it is a choice.  Once you convince yourself of this, the rest is a breeze.
When crap is hitting the fan, when your co-workers are jerks (if I had not given up cussing for Lent I’m pretty sure there would have been a more colorful word there) When life is hitting you at the wrong angles, when the month lasts longer than the money (saw that on Pinterest, loved it), when your kids won’t sit down and be quiet for five minutes, when your significant other suddenly becomes irreversibly ignorant for no good reason, when someone is sick, when someone is whiny, when traffic is bad, when the fridge breaks, when you stub your toe…and most importantly when all of this happens in one day.  Slap a dang smile on your face anyway.  Why? Because you can.

Yeah it sucks, life sucks.  No one can deny that.  Even as I sit here grinning I can attest to that fact.  It sucks, get over it and get happy.

If you are one of those people sitting here thinking, “Whatever, this chick is clueless.  She obviously does not understand my life.  If only she knew.” I’m pretty sure that you’re the one that needs this advice the most.

When I get in my funks, and I do, no one can help me.  Nothing that anyone can say is going to turn my frown upside down.  No amount of sincere praise or hugging will turn me around.  I take a moment, take a breath and slap a smile on my face.  I fake it until I make it.

And then thing about this method…

Once you decide to get happy, it gets that much more difficult to get angry again.  Each time.

Once you fake that smile, it becomes real when you’re not paying attention.  Suddenly co-works start being nicer, they wanna join you for lunch.  Before you know it your kids are sitting still and happy, your significant other’s ignorance is enjoyable, etc… Once you are happy the bad stuff in life doesn’t suck as much.

That is probably the hardest thing to understand to someone currently standing in the funk.

So I promise, friend, just put that smile on your face, make some new laugh lines, put one foot in front of the other and it’s gonna be OK.

Before you know it someone might even ask you why the heck you’re so dang happy all the time.

-Fuzzy’s Mom

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I’m going to miss picnik

where else am I going to go to make quick things like that?

If you hadn’t heard…they are moving to Google+ in April

Drat…I had just figured it all out !

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Instagram Friday

Fuzzy made this out of our much beloved Scrabble Apple letters.


This is a shot of my latest project for art class….hard to explain, or see…but I’m making a hat out of Fuzzy’s old toys.  This is really a hat, it really fits on my head 🙂


I’m not the only person who sits in the lawn furniture section at stores, am I?  well clearly I’m not because Fuzz is joining me here.  We love to chill on a swing and people watch for a bit.


Cuddling with a sweet baby on my front porch.  He was almost out when I took this picture.  Then he woke up because I dog walked by and he had to ‘woof” at it


Fuzzy totally made his own valentines.  We used http://www.littlebitfunky.com/2012/01/20-minute-crafter-superhero-valentines.html

That tutorial and free printable…lots of fun.  He didn’t get it perfect, but he had a blast trying.


Are you familiar with Little Bit Funky?  I’ve been reading her for almost as long as I’ve known blogs existed…she rocks my world!

And Lastly…..

Saturday we went to the memorial service for my sweet Uncle Oliver.  He spent many years as the owner of this sweet little Motel in the center of a teeny tiny town.  I snapped this shot as we headed home.

He will be missed!


Hope ya’ll have an amazing weekend.

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