The Big Leap



It was only been two years since I realized that blogs were written by such a diverse group of authors.  For the longest time I never considered that blogs could pertain to anything that would interest me.  I am not sure which cave I was living in, but I am glad I pulled up my wooly mammoth britches and made it out of that place!

I first discovered the “Mommy-blog” and lost many hours reading about other parents’ trials, tribulations, and triumphs.  I enjoyed reading blogs written by sleep deprived mother’s of infants and toddlers.  It has been years since my world revolved around sleep schedules, potty training, or pacifier weaning.  I relished the few blogs that I found that reflected my own era of motherhood.  I am currently parenting a feisty eight year old boy.  My troubles are a far cry from Pull-Ups and sippy cups.

The next blog style I stumbed on was about crafting.  oh dear.  Prior to discovering blogs, crafting was what ate up the majority of my time.  I have been known to stay in pajamas all day while I puttered away at some silly craft.  oh dear, oh dear.  Now I could combine reading blogs and crafting ?!?  I could craft vicariously through other (much more talented) people? That discovery had to be akin to when folks discovered that you could make regular light bubls into swirly-whirly light bulbs and the swirly-whirly light bulbs would last longer and be better for the world.  My point being that a major light bulb lit up inside of my little brain and many more hours were lost to the glow of my laptop.

I decided to start writing a blog for many many reasons….none of those reasons are very profound.

I look forward to sharing tales of my insanely hilarious, incredibly polite, full of life eight year old son.  We fondly refer to him as Fuzzy.

I look forward to offering an uplifting glimpse into an unboring life.

I look forward to leaving a written account of:  who I am, who I become, how I raise a man, learn to sew a straight line, struggle with life in general, interact with insanity, stay true to my core beliefs, throw a 3rd grade Valentine’s Day party, paint a desk, enertain myself, etc.  I’m sure you see where this is going

I do not promise to always maintain proper punctuation, I am certain I will manipulate the English language at my whim.

I do not promise to always be upbeat, or to always be funny, or to always be thought provoking.

I do promise to always be true to who I am.  Fuzzy’s mom.

So here goes it blog world…. I am taking the big leap.

About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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2 Responses to The Big Leap

  1. Kim Noyes says:

    I’m glad you posted this link on FB! I always love seeing the great antics (sp?) of fuzzy! Cannot wait to read them along with many more daily life trials and tribulations! Good for you for starting this! Have fun with it!


  2. Nikki says:

    Welcome to the pack! I am seriously looking forward to that 3rd grade V-Day party! I had a very memorable one in 3rd grade too. And although I only have furbabies…I read a ton of Mommy blogs 😉

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