I like broccoli, Target and good solid plans

I guess February 16th is an odd time to talk about New Year’s resolutions, but I never claimed to be normal.

I’m terrible at resolutions.  I can honestly declare to you that I have never kept one.  I always come up with some big weight loss idea or financial plan only to fail by Groundhog’s Day.  Knowing myself as well as I do I felt I needed to create a new plan for this year.  I must say it’s going pretty well.

Instead of one big resolution that I would spend 365 days working on I came up with 12 separate resolutions, one for each month.  This was ideal for two reasons: I’m only able to focus on something for a maximum of 31 days and there are many things I’d like to improve.

Here’s the list:

January: eat more responsibly

February: Spend more responsibly

March: Speak only kind words

April:  Read 3 classics

May:  Save 25%

June:  excercise daily

July:  lose 5 pounds

August:  No negativity

September:  be an awesome parent

October:  Be a great Catholic

November:  Be a better friend

December:  maintain focus

Nothing grand, unrealistic or original here.  They are all pretty obtainable goals.

Here’s the update thus far:

January went rather well.  Fuzzy and I both enjoy all fruits and vegetables and he’s not a picky eater.  A few small witches have made dinner healthier.  The second week of January I joined a small gym and met with a personal trainer.  She gave me a few tips for meals, suggested I up my protein intake and cut back on carbs (I love carbs).  I still struggle with eating past dinner.  I love a bed time snack and I never pick a healthy one.  I changed my grocery shopping ways and simply don’t buy junk.  If it isn’t in the house, I won’t eat it.  It went smoothly.  By the end of January, and with the help of the gym, I have now lost 9 pounds.

What made January so easy was that I already had the knowledge of how to eat healthy.  For some reason, having the words “EAT MORE RESPONSIBLY” on my calendar made me WANT to do it.  It’s easier to open a bag of chips than to steam broccoli, but I enjoy broccoli, I can afford broccoli and I’m out of excuses.

on to February..


It’s no coincidence that ‘spend more responsibly’ was placed on the shortest month of the year.  I ENJOY food, but I LOVE shopping.  I’m horrible when it comes to spending and i know that about myself.  I wanted to really challenge myself…make it difficult.  If it wasn’t really necessary, I didn’t buy it.  Period.  Thankfully I received an awesome Starbuck’s gift card for christmas that I have used this month, otherwise I may not be alive to type these words.

I like to shop.  I’m not the only one, right?  I shop for fun, I shop with friends, I shop when I’m bored.  I generally rationalize my shopping by going straight for the clearance racks and hardly ever buying anything at full price.  I’m saving lots, right?  realistically I’m not.  I have many unplanned purchases.  I buy things simply because they are cheaper today than yesterday and not because I need them.

The first week I avoided stores all together.  I didn’t trust myself to stay on task.  It also helped that we were snowed in 🙂 but I digress.  The next week I went to the grocery store, a dollar store and purchased craft supplies.  I cut out my late night online shopping habit (probably saving us millions!) I reworked my usual shopping list and cut it down to $40 from over $100.  Amazingly I survived and the withdrawals were minimal.

This last week I went shopping with my cousin….at Target….eeek! I managed to walk out of there spending less than $5.  Someone should really be giving me a gold star about now.  I have 12 days left, but I’m confident that i have changed a habit.

The next ten months will continue to be interesting, no doubt.

There has been an unexpected side effect.  I have gone beyond my focus of the 30 or so days that lay in front of me and I have thought ahead.  Joining a gym last month will make June’s exercise daily much easier.  I’m slightly worried about next month’s ‘speak only kind words’ and have recruited those close to me for help, to make me accountable.  I’m thinking ahead, the twelve separate resolutions are blending into one better mom for Fuzzy.  I couldn’t have a more positive outlook for this year.

wish me luck

and best of luck to you and whatever resolutions you’ve made.  I’m accepting Starbuck’s donations for the next 12 days…and if you do donate I promise to not talk bad about you next month !! 🙂

*I’m just kidding about the Starbuck’s donations…naturally

About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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