Friday Fuzzy Lessons

*the next few sentences have nothing to do with Friday’s lesson…but I will get to that, don’t fret.

I have a smart kid.  He’s a smart alack at times as well.  🙂 I have no one but myself to blame for that.

I don’t pack his lunch often, he (somehow) prefers the school lunch.  When I do pack it I always include some not-so-fun foods.  I may, occasionally, throw a bag of chips in there…but generally it’s all healthy.  It seems that the not-so-fun part of the lunch always returns home untouched.  This week I sent a sweet little note in his lunchbox that said, “eat your carrots”  The lunchbox returned home, carrots untouched with a note scrawled in his 8-year-old handwriting that said, “quit packing carrots”

I laughed until I almost wet myself.  Then I went to his room and smothered him in hugs.

Today’s lesson is being proud.  Have some pride.  It’s not really something I can teach him how to do, I suppose.  I can just give him the feeling of pride and let him take it from there.  It is something that I want him to have when he’s an adult.  Do not be ashamed of your abilities or who you are.  Find some pride in yourself and you’ll go far. (wowzers…that rhymed..I may have taken the cheez a lil to far there)

I think the biggest part of teaching your child about pride is to let it be sincere.  Especially at this age.  When he was a little bitty Fuzz I certainly oooh’d and awww’d over every finger paint smudge.  These days I’m a little more stingy with my praise.  He gets tons of praise, because he’s an awesome kid, but he gets it when it’s deserved.

He gets straight A’s in spelling.  Always has, always will.  He’s one of those kids who can sound out the longest word and spell it perfectly.  (spellcheck is my bff)  So spelling papers rarely make it on the fridge.  I expect they will be good.  perhaps not perfect, but definitely no C’s.

English….on the other hand…is a struggle.  He doesn’t like it, he doesn’t study it, and he haphazardly does his homework.  With some extra work from his dad, his godmother and myself we have gotten a better grade in that subject.  He brought home a perfect homework sheet and I did a dance. AND it went on the fridge for the night 🙂 He was beaming.  Fuzzy was proud.  He had earned it.


I think that’s what pride boils down to when it comes to your kid.  You have to reinforce the good so they will know they are on the right path.

for example:

From the time he was a young menu-coloring, Cheerio eating, high chair utilizing restaurant customer I reinforced the good he was doing.  As simple as whispering “He son, you’re doing awesome.  I like how you eat all those Gerber puffs without throwing them on the floor” works well.  He knows that not throwing food on the floor gets him some lovin’ and will (hopefully) continue to do that.  It saved me from having to get my mom-face on later and sternly whisper something along the lines of “So help me, son, if you throw one more french fry on the floor …” 

So I hope to keep sincerely reinforcing the great things about my dear, smart alack Fuzzy and hopefully pride will follow.

How to you show your kid you’re proud?  How do you make your kids proud?

About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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One Response to Friday Fuzzy Lessons

  1. crystal says:

    LOVE the carrot story…we get a lot of that sass in our house too…but we have created it ourselves. 🙂 thanks for stopping by friend! 🙂

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