Friday Fuzzy Lessons


Fuzzy’s playing baseball.  He’s number 8.

When I played baseball as a wee little kid I was number 8 the two years that I played.

When he played t-ball several years ago, he was number 8 then as well.

NEVER ever ever have I requested that number for him or myself.

🙂 sometimes things just work out strangely.


Fuzzy is playing baseball this year. .. and he’s enjoying it.

What could a kid learn from baseball?

He can learn teamwork.  And he already has.  The most memorable moment of his tball career is when the ball was caught by one of Fuzzy’s teammates my son ran after the kid and clobbered him on the ground until he released the ball.  That was not teamwork.

Fuzz is doing much better this year.  He’s assisting and such.  He’s always in the ready position, he’s never picking flowers or laying down. 

He can learn that he has something to offer.  The first time the coach chose him for a position he beamed.  He hustled to left field and Fuzzy played that position to the full extent.  He was proud!

He has learned how to accept critiscm.  That didn’t come easy.  He has never done well with that, but he’s gotten much better.  My Main Squeeze was in town last week and he worked with Fuzzy for two hours every night.  The played catch, they hit pitches, and they ran.  During that time Main Squeeze gave him constructive pointers.  Sometimes Fuzzy received them poorly.  When he saw the benefits from those tips he listened a little better.

He can learn that losing is crappy.

his team hasn’t lost yet, but they might…and when they do it won’t be fun.  He will survive, and next time losing won’t be as bad.  That’s how a lot of things work.  You experience them and then the next time they happen you know how it works and it’s not as awful.

So how about you?  Did you play sports?  What do you remember learning?

I halfway believe Fuzzy is just in it for the snack 😉 dude chows down the entire time he’s in the dugout!

About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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