Nine years of sweet snuggly hugs.  Nine years of chasing lizards, catching bugs and poking critters.  Nine years of sippy cups and juice boxes.  Nine years of finger paints, macaroni necklaces, and scribbly crayons. Nine years of wonder, amazement, astonishment, and discovery.


Nine years of bonked heads.  Nine years of fat feet being squished into sandals.  Nine years of tending to bad dreams.

Many years of pretzels, goldfish, gummies, and cheese sticks.  Many years of diaper bags, bottles, breastmilk, and wipes.

Nine years ago on this day I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with the firm knowledge that i was in labor.  That things had begun.  I had no idea where these nine years would take us.  I had read every book I could get my hands on.  I knew about sleep schedules and feeding plans.  I understood when to get your shots and how much medicine to give and not give you.  I felt so prepared.  I so wasn’t.\


You came into the world red faced, bald headed, mad.  You peed on the doctor and two nurses before they could get you across the room.  You were screaming, we were crying.  You weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces.

Your cloudy grey eyes were opened wide and I instantly got lost in them.  Your scrawny spindly fingers wrapped around my pinky.  It was fabulous.  My heart has belonged to you for nine years.

Keep it up, big man.  You bring so much laughter to this family and the world.  Your insight and train of thought are uniquely yours.  Stay true to what makes you, you.  Stay witty, intelligent and polite.

-try not to hate me when you get to puberty.

It’s hard to imagine a world before you were in it.  It’s impossible to imagine one without you now.

Nine years of flawless love.  Nine years to feel so incredibly blessed every day.  Nine years to watch you become a wonderful guy.  Nine years of smiles.  Nine years old.

About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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