Getting Happy

Over the weekend a friend of mine asked me why I was so happy.

geez… I dunno

And I didn’t know at that moment.  I mumbled something stupid and went on my way.  And on my way I got to wondering.  Why on Earth was I so happy?  I do have it good, don’t get me wrong.  Life is great at this time.  I am in a position where most months the bills get paid without a worry, there is a solid, clean(ish) roof over my head, and I have a wonderfully awesome kid.

It ain’t always been this way, though.

And why do some people mope and wear themselves down while others carry on smiling?  Why do bad things happen to some folks and they are unable to recoup while others grin and bear it.

I’m certainly a grin and bear it chick (note: accidentally wrote grin and bare it twice now…hehe)

The thing about being happy is getting happy.

true story.

It’s easy to keep on being happy once you reach it.  The negative vibes others throw your way just go off your back like water on a duck.  It is not so easy to GET happy…but it’s possible.  I promise.

The thing about getting happy is that it is a choice.  Honestly, I swear.  Girl scout honor…although I never was a girl scout.  Honest to goodness it is a choice.  Once you convince yourself of this, the rest is a breeze.
When crap is hitting the fan, when your co-workers are jerks (if I had not given up cussing for Lent I’m pretty sure there would have been a more colorful word there) When life is hitting you at the wrong angles, when the month lasts longer than the money (saw that on Pinterest, loved it), when your kids won’t sit down and be quiet for five minutes, when your significant other suddenly becomes irreversibly ignorant for no good reason, when someone is sick, when someone is whiny, when traffic is bad, when the fridge breaks, when you stub your toe…and most importantly when all of this happens in one day.  Slap a dang smile on your face anyway.  Why? Because you can.

Yeah it sucks, life sucks.  No one can deny that.  Even as I sit here grinning I can attest to that fact.  It sucks, get over it and get happy.

If you are one of those people sitting here thinking, “Whatever, this chick is clueless.  She obviously does not understand my life.  If only she knew.” I’m pretty sure that you’re the one that needs this advice the most.

When I get in my funks, and I do, no one can help me.  Nothing that anyone can say is going to turn my frown upside down.  No amount of sincere praise or hugging will turn me around.  I take a moment, take a breath and slap a smile on my face.  I fake it until I make it.

And then thing about this method…

Once you decide to get happy, it gets that much more difficult to get angry again.  Each time.

Once you fake that smile, it becomes real when you’re not paying attention.  Suddenly co-works start being nicer, they wanna join you for lunch.  Before you know it your kids are sitting still and happy, your significant other’s ignorance is enjoyable, etc… Once you are happy the bad stuff in life doesn’t suck as much.

That is probably the hardest thing to understand to someone currently standing in the funk.

So I promise, friend, just put that smile on your face, make some new laugh lines, put one foot in front of the other and it’s gonna be OK.

Before you know it someone might even ask you why the heck you’re so dang happy all the time.

-Fuzzy’s Mom


About fuzzysmom

Mom to one 8 year old fondly refered to as Fuzzy. He's smart, funny, smelly, intelligent and the wind beneath my wings. Besides raising an amazing son I'm also quite crafty.
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One Response to Getting Happy

  1. jjp says:

    Unhappy = unable (or more likely, refusal) to accept something

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