a beautiful winter day.

Last Thursday was an amazingly tiring day.
It was downright sucky.

My brain was misfiring…I was down

I was (for no good reason at all) doubting myself, feeling like yuck.

So instead of climbing under the down comforter and wearing fluffy socks I decided to scoop my boy up from school and head straight to the park.

I needed Vitamin D.  AND, it was a warm day in early Feb…it couldn’t be passed up..

So Fuzz and I met an old friend of mine and some borrowed kids and we played.  For almost 2 hours.

Fuzz took it seriously.  He recognized how rare of a treat this was.  I am a routine person.  I HATE to not be home on weeknight evenings.

This was an exception, a glorious, refreshing, cheek glowing exception.

it was worth dinner being a little late and the laundry staying in the dryer for another round.

I’m really hoping that I learned a lesson from this day…and the next time I’m feeling like my brain isn’t connecting to my hands…and I’m not nearly as smart as I could be…and my house is all a-clutter…and my dishes have piled up … that all I really need is a park and some friends.

-Fuzzy’s Mom


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Instagram Friday

My Reese….I was never a real ‘cat person’ until this fluffy beast needed a home.  No critter has ever won my heart like her.


I woke up Wednesday morning, set the ove to preheat and took out a can of biscuits for Fuzzy’s breakfast.  My problems started when I set the can of biscuits on TOP of the oven…then I went back to bed.  I was drifting off a bit when I heard a noise -that sounded like a huge explosion- coming from my kitchen.

The biscuits exploded.

That’ll get your heart going in the morning….I didn’t need a drop of coffee Wednesday !



Catholic School’s Week …

PJ day…

an uber excited kid who has reached that crazy age where it becomes impossible to smile nicely for your mama’s camera.


His finished room.
🙂 it makes me super happy when I pass by it….It’s cozy (translated–small, tiny, cramped).. HOWEVER, it is VERY happy.  I’m not sure if it is the colors we chose, or the little guy who lives there, but this view has warmed my heart for the last couple weeks.


I broke a lamp.

I really liked that lamp.

and I bought it and its matching buddy at Goodwill awhile back for $2/each.

I was upset about the lamp.




We celebrated the Half-Birthday evening with a fast game of Scrabble Apple.  I have NO IDEA where we got it, if I bought it or someone gave it to him, or how much it cost…but I can guarantee that no game in our house gets as much love as this little cloth apple of letters.

And you see that word, ‘cunning,’ in the background?  that was Fuzz’s.  Smart one, that kid!


The ping pong balls for my gumball machine.

Post about that coming soon..


I finally finished a hat I had started to make for myself last year.

you do that too, right?  Start something and take 12 months to finish?


gosh, I hope so…

I’m also sporting my pink ‘freak streaks’… I love ’em.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about being 30 and rockin’ pink hair, but I still like it 2 weeks later.

And I think the not-caring-what-other-people-think-because-I’m-30 thing helps


gratitous picture of Lula….still being a puppy, still cuter than neccesary.


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In the idea of catching up on my life via the blog world I’d like to take you back to October of last year.

This was a hard one to write..

I guess I just did not know where to start…don’t panic now, all is well, life is peachy..but here I go.

October 31st, 2011 I lost my father-in-law. (no, I’m not married..but he WAS my father-in-law).

He was my main squeeze’s papa.  He was Fuzzy’s PawPaw.  He was a father figure to me. He was respected, treasured, appreciated, loved, and he will be missed.

ugh… I hate to even think of him being gone.

Just yesterday I got to wondering how early was too early to plant spinach.  The first person I thought to call was PawPaw…I even picked up my phone and started to scroll down to his number when it hit me.   His deep, southern drawl would not be picking up my call.  He could not tell me how or when to plant my spinach.

Thankfully, tho…I thought back to last year when I had made that exact same call.  And he answered, and he told me…..early spring, after Easter.

And that’s the thing.  He did not have a lot of years to his life, but he put a lot of life in those years  (cliche, be true). He taught a lot of lessons.  He raised two amazing men.  He gave the gift of amazing memories to his beloved grandbabies.  He smiled for a few pictures and gave great hugs.

He is gone.  It is sad, BUT…He loved so hard while he was here that (hopefully) it will comfort all that miss him in the future.

In the meantime, I ask for prayers…thoughts…and comforting vibes sent to my main squeeze, his mama, and his brother.  They still need them.

Losing someone is hard, terribly hard.  It’s awful, it sucks…it makes you question everything around you.

it rocks your world.

I’m fortunate to be loved on by one of PawPaw’s greatest gifts…my main squeeze.

Hope you have someone to love on today…tomorrow isn’t guaranteed… and I hope you’re making the sort of memories that bring a lot of laughter to your funeral.


Fuzzy’s Mom

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Half Birffday

Do you celebrate half birthdays in your house?

We did last night.
Poor Fuzz….he had the misfortune of being born in July. As a December person I did not understand the heartbreak of a summer birthday.

Homeskillet has never brought a b-day treat to class.

So this year he presented the half-birthday idea.
and I bought it.

While he was gone this weekend I bought a $1.75 birthday banner and cut it in half…get it…half…


I baked half a birthday cake.  I am in no way a cake decorator…but it was yum, nonetheless.  It was Fuzzy’s idea to put the 10 candles halfway up….I liked it 🙂 He didn’t get to light or blow them out, but we did enjoy a Funfetti treat after dinner.

I went and grabbed a semi-decorated premade cookie cake at the local grocery store and had them slap “Happy Half Birthday” on it.
He took that stuff to school today like he was the king.

and I think that was the point 🙂


So are half birthdays a part of your world?  I enjoyed a low key way of making him feel special…I do not, however, seeing it get any crazier than it was.  Not a big event, just a little bit of something.


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Instagram Friday

Linkin up to The Pleated Poppy for Instagram Friday

This is pretty typical after school stuff for us….I lay on my tummy, fuzz sits on my back and we read our mutual books…


For no real reason I bought myself flowers last week and they are still alive today!  yay!! They have made me happy every time I sit down at my table.


Woo-hoo….I made a word that is worth more than 9 points 🙂 yippe…good week


And I’d like you to meet Miss Lula Belle, the newest member of our family.

She’s an English Bulldog….ack…what did we get ourselves into ?!?


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Ooooh Pinterest….you dastardly devil. … you got me again.

I’m in a studio art class this semester.  It’s great fun.  I’m making a two foot replica of an old-ish gumball machine that I had hanging out on a shelf in my bathroom. … And I’m making this out of cardboard.  It’s much easier than I thought.  (I say that now and I have just started)
I decided that I was gonna eventually have to put some sort of gumball-esque item in this thing.  My first thought was actual gumballs…but it felt like a cop-out.
My second thought was to crochet a bunch of tiny bright colored balls….then my fingers started to hurt thinking about it and I…well…copped-out.

AND THEN…Pinterest got me.


Really…the recipe was simple enough.   Here it is…. bouncy ball recipe.  The only thing I had to hunt down was Borax.  It’s available at the first two stores I went to, but it wasn’t currently stocked.


Mine were grand.  I figured I’d recruit the help of my bestie, Sara, and we would whip fifty or so of these out in no time.


I’m not sure what my expectations of a bouncy ball was…but I will tell you that these were not round, they did not bounce and as of this morning they were still squishy.



As one friend kindly said, “Looks like Shrek poo”

and she was right.

I’m NOT, in any way blaming the recipe, or the website I got it from, or even Pinterest for leading me down this messy, Borax filled road.  I’m totally assuming my problems were user error.  TOTALLY…

And I will keep trying.

As soon as I get the food coloring off of my counter and buy 3 dozen more plastic cups…and a new measuring spoon.

-Fuzzy’s Mom


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It has been awh…

It has been awhile…any a moons since I last posted on the good ol’ blog.

Not because we have gotten boring, quite the opposite.  Life has been so incredibly, wonderfully chaotic I can hardly stand myself at times.

My first semester at a new college went wonderfully…managed to make it out alive and with a 4.0.

🙂 I know, i’m pretty proud myself

Fuzz was quite the trooper…he picked up my slack and was a huge help.

So much has happened that I would like to recap very soon…I have tons of pretty pictures and news to share, but hardly any time to begin….

I’m gonna rewind time a bit and start things off in October of last year….go from there.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on the lastest and greatest.

In the meantime rest assured that we have enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

We have been ….


And I really hope you have too !!

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